Makeup Hacks To Give You A Flawless Look

There are countless makeup hacks on the Internet, but the best ones tend to be the most simple. We put together a list of some of our favorite makeup hacks that will give you gorgeous, flawless skin and make you look your very best in no time! Check out these makeup hacks that will have you looking beautiful in no time.

Use Mascara on Your Brows

Mascara is great for our eyelashes, but it’s also handy on our brows. If you need just a little extra help grooming your eyebrows, dip an eye-shadow brush into your mascara and brush through your brows before heading out of the house. This tip can also help if you use eyebrow pencils as part of your daily routine. It can sometimes be too harsh on skin and hair follicles, resulting in redness or breakouts.

Use Lip Liner as Eyeliner

Makeup Hacks

Outlining your upper and lower lash lines with lip liner can give you added definition without looking like you are wearing too much makeup. Using a thin eyeliner brush, apply some lip liner in between your lashes—it will blend right in! Use concealer as a foundation: If you have under-eye circles or blemishes, apply some concealer with a light hand.

Don’t Exfoliate Too Much

Exfoliating your skin too much can be dangerous. When you scrub your face, you’re essentially tearing at it and can disrupt its natural barrier function, leaving it vulnerable to all sorts of infections. If you’re prone to breakouts and acne, over-exfoliating may make matters worse—especially if you have active acne or sensitive skin. Be sure not to scrub every day; once or twice a week is enough for most people with clear skin.

Conceal, don’t contour

Makeup Hacks

If you struggle with acne or dark spots, don’t contour your face. Contouring can often draw more attention to problem areas and make them look darker than they are. Instead, focus on concealing them with makeup products that match your skin tone.

Add Volume With Blush Instead of Powder

Using powder on your face can sometimes cause your makeup to look cakey. Instead, try applying blush along your cheekbones and sweep it upward. This will help add volume to your face instead of leaving you looking flat, and it will allow for more room for error if you’re not sure about applying blush correctly. It also tends to look more natural than powder.

Mix Foundation Colors Before Applying Them On Skin

Makeup Hacks

This can be done by adding a few drops of foundation to your palm and mixing them with another foundation. When applied, it will give you an overall even tone for your skin. You can also do it for bronzer or blush. For example, if you have one bronzer that’s cooler toned and another that’s warmer toned, mix both shades together so they become one seamless color on your face.

Get Brush for Each Side of Face

Makeup Hacks

One of our favorite makeup hacks is using two different brushes for different sides of your face. If you’re doing an angled smoky eye, for example, use a fluffy brush to apply color from top-to-bottom, and then use a smaller brush (we love MAC’s 217 brush) in circular motions along your lash line. This way, you get full coverage without having any heavy lines or patches!


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