Face Massage: What Is It And Its Benefits!

A face massage can be helpful in alleviating anxiety, stress, and tension in the body and mind, but most people don’t realize how many benefits a face massage can have on your health until they experience it themselves. Here are some tips to help you learn how to give yourself or your loved ones a facial massage in the comfort of your own home.

Face massages help you look younger

face massage

Whether you get a professional face massage or give yourself one, it’s a great way to reduce stress and improve blood circulation. These two effects can result in a rejuvenated appearance, as well as reduced dark circles under your eyes and less puffiness around your cheeks. In fact, applying moderate pressure on areas around your face will encourage blood flow that results in plumper skin and reduces wrinkles.

The act of massaging releases endorphins (feel-good hormones) in your body which helps with reducing stress and depression, thus improving mental health. It also improves muscle tone throughout your body.

Face massages reduce cellulite

face massage

One small clinical study found that regular massage can reduce cellulite. In a group of nine women, those who received three 20-minute massages per week for eight weeks saw significant reductions in cellulite—about 35% on average, compared to only a 7% reduction in another group that didn’t receive massages. Researchers think one reason why massage reduces cellulite is that it increases lymph flow; since lymph nodes are responsible for eliminating dead cells and waste materials from our body when they’re functioning optimally, we look clear and radiant.

 Face massages keep your skin looking fresh

Studies show that massaging your face can keep it looking young. It’s a simple, relaxing exercise that has long-term benefits and is easy to do. All you need to do is massage in a circular motion and use gentle pressure, varying it as necessary. Start with your forehead, then move down to your cheeks, chin, and neck. You should aim for about 10 minutes every day for the best results! It’s one of many great at-home anti-aging solutions you can use that don’t cost a lot but will deliver big results over time. So make sure you try it!

Face massages tone your facial muscles

Toning facial muscles leads to a younger, more vibrant appearance. Facial massage also stimulates your lymphatic system, helping it carry toxins away from your body’s tissues. Gentle pressure on your face also promotes blood flow and circulation to your skin. These benefits keep you looking youthful and healthy and reduce puffiness around your eyes and cheeks.

Face massages keep you looking rested

When you’re stressed, your body releases cortisol. This chemical raises blood pressure and heart rate, causing you to look older than you really are. Studies show that a quick shoulder or face massage reduces cortisol levels, helping to keep you looking young and healthy. After all, nothing ruins a good day like an inflamed visage!

 Try our Face Roller and Gua Sha for face massage

face massage

The Face Roller is a portable, sleek and ergonomic face massager that helps increase blood circulation to your skin while also improving texture. It has adjustable tension so you can loosen or tighten it based on your personal preference, and with regular use, you’ll begin to notice its anti-aging benefits right away. In addition to that, consider adding our Gua Sha (also known as spooning scraping) kit into your routine.

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