Best Makeup: Tips To Change Your Makeup!

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered how your best makeup could be any different It’s not that it doesn’t look nice, but you might feel like you need to change things up. To start your year off right, here are 12 tips on how to change your makeup:

1) Change your lipstick

Best makeup

If you’re thinking about making a change in your life, it’s probably a good idea to make a subtle change when it comes to your makeup. Try changing your lipstick from red to pink or from dark purple lip liner to a nude color. You can also switch out a bolder eye shadow or mascara for something tamer. If you don’t wear best makeup, maybe think about applying some just one day of each week and see how it feels—and if anyone notices. Keep going until you’re ready to pull off best makeup every day. You could even try wearing no-makeup makeup if that sounds right up your alley.

2) Don’t forget to change your mascara

Best makeup

In an ideal world, you’d have a few months before your mascara ran out. In real life, that’s not always possible. Whether it’s because you accidentally rolled over your tube with your rolling makeup case or it just dried up, don’t throw away a good tube of mascara when it appears dry. Mix a drop of contact solution in with your favorite makeup remover and run a cotton swab through both sides of the wand to loosen up any hardened mascara stuck in there. Reshape your wand so it fits back on the tube and leave it to sit overnight. The next day, put a fresh coat of your regular mascara back on—and no one will be able to tell you had a little mishap!

3) Lip stains are great for night outs

Lip stains last a lot longer than regular lipsticks, which is why they’re great for night-outs when you know you’ll be out past normal lipstick hours. Just make sure you carry a brush or similar item with you so that if any gets on your teeth, it’s easy to clean up before going home. Also, let your lips dry before applying a lip balm or gloss. It may seem counterintuitive but if you layer on a balm right after applying a stain, it can dull its color and look unevenly applied. Lip stains are also great in lieu of traditional lip liner because they add just enough color without making them look too done up.

4) Look at eyeliner tips

In most cases, eyeliner is used as a subtle way to fill in sparse lashes and create a definition between your eyes and brows. However, adding a little bit of liner along your lower lash line can make your eyes appear bigger and brighter. This works especially well if you have an oblong or almond-shaped face—it will give you a wider appearance overall. Always use a pencil with a soft lead instead of a stiff, firm one; those tend to skip, which makes it difficult to apply properly. Keep your hand steady as you glide on the line, tapping off excess before going over it again to build up. After lining both eyes, you can choose whether or not to go over any mistakes with a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover. And remember blending out a harsh edge will always help achieve a more professional finish!

5) Foundation is still key

Best makeup

Foundation is an essential part of any best makeup look, but you can change it up by choosing a new color or a different finish. For example, a matte foundation will give your skin a flawless look and feel, while a luminous foundation adds radiance without extra effort. And if you’re looking for something different, consider trying tinted moisturizer instead of standard foundation—it may be lighter on your skin and wallet! Always test out new colors before spending money on them. As far as colors go, warmer shades tend to flatter most skin tones in winter months—and cool shades look great during spring and summer. Best of all, these days you can find foundations that mix multiple hues into one formula so you can easily find one that works with your coloring.

6) Change your perfume

Perfume is one of those things that’s easy to change. If you’ve got an old perfume lying around, consider switching it up! If you’re not sure where to start, ask your local Sephora associate about their favorite scents. They’ll be able to help guide you into something new based on your skin type and personality. And don’t be afraid of experimenting—different scents have different effects on people! Just be sure not to spray too much perfume, as doing so can irritate sensitive skin or become overpowering if overused. Plus, some perfumes will smell stronger when applied onto bare skin than they do when sprayed onto clothing or hair. Always read labels carefully before applying any products!

7) Experiment with eye shadows

Best makeup

There are hundreds of eye shadow colors on your local cosmetics shelves. With so many options, it’s difficult to narrow down what might look best with your coloring. If you’re unsure about which colors you should use, experiment! To get a variety of colors on your eyelids, try using different eye shadows in varying tones and intensities. Then take a look at yourself in a mirror and see what colors complement your skin tone and work well with your hair color. Remember that changing your makeup is part of embracing who you are now—and that means being open to new things. So if you don’t like experimenting with makeup now, when will you? It doesn’t hurt to dive into something new every once in a while—especially when it comes to beauty products.

8) Contour is great if you can do it correctly

Best makeup

Creating a three-dimensional face is a difficult task, but it’s also one of those things that just looks so damn cool if you can pull it off. If you’re looking to amp up your contouring skills, start by looking at people who have extremely defined cheekbones and trying to copy them as closely as possible. Pay attention not only to how they do their makeup but also what makeup they use. There are tons of great YouTube tutorials out there that can help with all sorts of techniques, too! Once you have a good grasp on how other people do their best makeup, put your knowledge into practice.

9) Make sure to remove your makeup at night

Leaving your makeup on overnight doesn’t just lead to clogged pores; it also strips your skin of essential oils, making it more susceptible to dryness and irritation. It’s especially important in winter when cold air is drying out everyone’s skin. The result Dry skin (and often, breakouts) galore. Not only that, but makeup you wear at night often rubs off onto your pillowcase. Over time, that adds up—daily application of foundation alone can add around six milligrams of chemicals to your pillowcase each week! If you want cleaner, healthier skin in 2018, consider removing your makeup every night before bed.

10) Start using natural products. They’re better!

Most people use cosmetics because they want their skin and hair to look better. It makes sense, then, that these same people would be interested in using products that are good for them. Natural products are easier on your skin, don’t irritate it or cause allergic reactions like synthetics can, and don’t pollute our environment as much as synthetic products do. So not only will you feel better about your appearance when you wear them (and your wallet will be happier too!), but you’ll also know that what you’re doing is healthier. Being conscious of both your personal health and that of our planet is part of making a difference; start small by incorporating natural best makeup into your routine!

 11) Apply with a light hand to score a natural look

When you switch your makeup routine, your face has a good chance of looking different. That’s why it’s important to start with a light hand and layer on products slowly. Whether you’re switching up your foundation or adding concealer, start with very little product and build up as needed. Consider how much makeup (and which products) you wore before starting your makeover. If you typically wear heavy foundation, start lighter; if heavy eye shadow is normal for you, choose an appropriate shade for light application before applying more layers. Don’t forget It’s important to start fresh with new tools such as sponges and brushes. Old applicators can transfer bacteria that cause breakouts, so be sure everything you use is clean and sanitary. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask friends what they think–they will give honest opinions about how your new look looks! (Make sure they like what they see!)

12) Play around! It’s all about having fun. 🙂

Change your makeup! It may seem like a crazy idea, but playing around with your makeup can help you open up to new looks and trends. For example, if you usually stick with red lipstick, try other colors or even other lipstick textures (such as gloss or matte). Or experiment with cut creases instead of just using eyeliner on your lash line. Changing up your makeup routine is an easy way to change everything else in 2022. After all, what’s more, exciting than reinventing yourself

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