Balance Exercises: Tips And Exercises For Healthy Living

Balance exercises are important for preventing falls that can lead to serious injury or even death, especially as we age. If you want to live a long and healthy life, it’s critical to incorporate these balance exercises into your fitness routine. If you’re recovering from an injury or illness, make sure to talk with your doctor first to get their recommendation on the best balance exercises before beginning them. And if you’re not recovering from any major health problems, here are four helpful tips on how to stay balanced in the following areas of your life

Ways to Improve Balance

Balance Exercises

Proper balance is essential to good health. If you live an active lifestyle or have a history of falls, you may be interested in adding some balance exercises to your routine. Try these simple tips and tricks to improve your balance so that you’re not putting yourself at risk of injury.

Yoga Poses That Help with Balance

Balance Exercises

Yoga is a great tool to help promote physical balance, but it can also be an effective way to train your mind to better achieve and maintain balance. Whether you’re working through an existing imbalance or preventing future ones, here are several simple yoga poses you can practice at home.

Tightrope Walk

Balance Exercises

While walking a tightrope might seem terrifying, mastering balance is one of life’s great pleasures. You may not have access to a high-wire act or an unoccupied island, but there are plenty of ways to practice your balancing skills right in your own home. If you can walk a tightrope, you can walk across an icy patch on a sidewalk; if you can balance on one foot, you can hop up and down on that same foot when crossing over train tracks.

Plank With Flying Plane Arms

This exercise is a great way to improve your balance and core strength. Start in push-up position, but rest on your forearms instead of your hands. Tighten your glutes and abs, lift one arm at a time until they are straight out to each side, then bring them back down while balancing on your forearm. Try not to shift forward or backward while doing so. Hold it as long as you can without shifting; work up to a minute per side.

Balancing on One Leg

The first exercise to practice balance is standing on one leg. While standing on one leg, focus on making sure your posture is erect and that you’re not holding yourself up with your hands. Try to stand on your leg as still as possible. You should also make sure that you’re keeping your shoulders back and down; don’t let them drop or hunch forward while practicing balance exercises.

Standing Against a Wall

Leaning against a wall is another simple and effective way to improve your balance. Stand two feet away from a wall, with your toes pointed directly forward. Slowly bend your knees until they are in line with your hips. Place both hands flat on either side of you on the wall. Lift one foot off of the ground, and then push it back toward your butt while keeping it parallel to that thigh. Do not let either knee touch down or shift out of place during any of these movements.

Stretching Exercises For Flexibility

Flexibility and balance are two essential components of staying fit. Stretching is a great way to improve your balance, boost your mood, and loosen up tight muscles. It’s important to stretch before and after you work out because it helps prevent injuries that might occur while running, biking, or playing sports. There are lots of different stretching exercises you can try out.

Strength Training For Balance

While cardiovascular exercise is critical to heart health, your muscles also need strength training. The National Institute on Aging reports that people who engage in regular muscle-strengthening activities (like weightlifting) are less likely to fall, and less likely to sustain injuries when they do fall. Resistance training not only protects against falls but also helps you live longer and improves bone density in women over 50.

Tips For Better Balance in Daily Life

If you’re looking to improve your overall sense of balance and coordination, consider adding a few exercises to your routine. One of my favorite is simply standing on one leg while brushing my teeth. By balancing on one foot, I focus on improving my sense of balance while performing another daily routine. Think of some other ways you can incorporate balance exercises into your life.


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