6 Ways to Make Your Thick Hair Stand Out

Be proud of your thick hair! Whether it’s naturally thick or volumized with products, there are so many ways to wear your hair to make it the star of the show. If you have any questions on how to style thick hair, just look at these tips and start working them into your routine today! And if you aren’t sure whether you have thick hair or not, ask your stylist when you get your next haircut – they’ll be able to tell you!

1) Consider Adding Extensions

Many women avoid wearing their thick hair down because they don’t think it looks as nice as thinner hair, or because they’re afraid of how it will fall on their shoulders. Of course, there are ways around these concerns. For example, if you want a luxurious hairstyle but your hair is too short, you can get clip-in extensions that match your natural color and texture. Or you can wear a ponytail when your hair is particularly unruly and let your friends know that it’s fake! You could also ask for help from a stylist who specializes in thick hair; stylists have lots of tricks for taming all sorts of different textures and styles.

2) Start with a Volumizing Shampoo

Thick Hair

When it comes to washing your hair, you’ll want to start with a volumizing shampoo—that way, it will stay full and healthy-looking. Many people swear by shampoos with Keratin in them; Keratin makes hair grow longer and stronger (and looks incredible when you part your hair). If there’s no Keratin on your shampoo bottle, consider buying one of these shampoos. With just one use, you’ll notice a huge difference in how full your hair looks!

3) Avoid Styling Tools

This one seems obvious, but your hair won’t ever do exactly what you want it to if you’re using a brush, a comb, or another heat-based styling tool. These instruments will crush your hair and change its texture in ways that might work against you down the line. The best thing you can do for your hair is keeping it on its natural path of growth. When it comes to keeping things healthy and looking great, there’s nothing better than patience. Taking care of your hair is a long-term game; if you try to force results now by styling too much or with the wrong tools, you might end up regretting it later.

4) Use Heat Sparingly

Thick Hair

Using heat tools like blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons too often or with high temperatures will damage your hair. Most stylists recommend limiting heat tools to once a week. This allows for plenty of time for your hair to rest and recover between uses. If you must use a heating tool daily, choose lower temperatures (below 400 degrees Fahrenheit) whenever possible; high heat can destroy hair’s natural moisture balance, making it more vulnerable to breakage.

5) Try Overnight Treatments

Thicker hair tends to have a lot of body but often needs some extra help for volume. Try an overnight treatment before you wash your hair. The treatment should be in a bottle and clear or white with a creamy consistency; avoid gels because they’ll dry out your strands. Apply liberally from roots to ends and leave it on overnight. Wash out in the morning and style as usual! While overnight treatments can be heavy, if you use only a small amount, you’ll find that these products are incredibly effective at giving your hair long-lasting volume.

6) Do Not Wash Daily

Sure, if you have extremely oily hair, you may need to wash it daily. But for most of us with thick hair, washing every day can cause your scalp to overproduce oil and leave your strands looking greasy and limp. Washing less often can actually encourage your scalp to produce its own natural moisturizers that’ll help keep your hair shiny and soft. Just try leaving a day or two between washes and see how it works for you!


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