10 Healthy Snacks Ideas To Keep You Full

If you’re trying to stick to a healthy diet plan, it can be tricky to find healthy snacks that satisfy your cravings without blowing your calorie limit for the day. These 10 healthy snack ideas will keep you full and give you energy, so you won’t even feel tempted to eat things that are less-than-ideal choices.

1) Overnight oats

healthy snacks

A quick and easy healthy snack you can make at home is overnight oats. To make these, just mix together some old-fashioned rolled oats with milk or yogurt, add in a couple of different fruits (strawberries, bananas or blueberries), top with granola or chia seeds and place in the fridge overnight. By morning you’ll have yourself a healthy snack that will keep you full until lunchtime!

2) Fruit salad

A fun and easy recipe, fruit salad is a great go-to for when you’re in need of a healthy snack. All you have to do is wash and chop up your fruit, toss it together with a bit of coconut oil or honey, then sprinkle on some spices if you’d like. That’s all there is to it!

3) Almond butter toast

healthy snacks

Making a healthy snack that’s inexpensive and comes together quickly is easier than you think. Almond butter toast can be ready in just a few minutes. Spread 2 tablespoons of almond butter on 1 slice of bread, and then top with another slice of bread. Microwave for 20 seconds until warm and melted, then cut in half to make two pieces. You can also wrap it in parchment paper or tinfoil for a fun twist on lunch boxes!

4) Whole grain pasta with Bolognese sauce

healthy snacks

Simple whole grain pasta with a Bolognese sauce or a light tomato-based sauce is one of my go-to healthy snack ideas for when I need something satisfying. Boil up some whole grain pasta and make your own sauce—use as little or as much cheese as you like, too. Choose whole wheat, wholegrain versions of pastas such as spaghetti and penne; these have more fiber, so they’ll keep you full longer than white varieties.

5) Smoothies

healthy snacks

,If you’re looking for a quick, healthy snack idea that packs tons of nutrients into a small package, smoothies are your best bet. Blend up some fruit, yogurt, or milk and—voilà!—you’ve got yourself a tasty meal-in-one packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

6) Roasted chickpeas

healthy snacks

Roasted chickpeas are one of our favorite snacks because they’re so easy to make. Just toss a can of cooked chickpeas in a bowl with your choice of spices, give them a quick stir, and spread them out on a baking sheet. Roast at 350°F for about 20 minutes (stirring once halfway through) and let cool. These are great with cayenne or cinnamon, if you like things spicy! Or try them with garam masala or garlic salt.

7) Raw veggies with hummus dip

healthy snacks

Hummus is a great dip for raw veggies, and it’s easy to make your own at home. All you need is canned garbanzo beans (chickpeas), tahini paste, olive oil, lemon juice and salt. Blend together with a pinch of red pepper flakes or ground cumin for some extra kick. Get more snack ideas here .

8) Popcorn balls

healthy snacks

Popcorn balls are a great healthy snack option. They’re cheap, simple and can be made in bulk and eaten for days! Instead of buying a bag of microwave popcorn, pop your own in an air popper or on a stovetop burner. When you pop it at home, you know exactly what ingredients you’re using (healthy un-buttered popcorn!) instead of dumping those mystery chemicals into your body.

9) Avocado toast

Avocado toast is one of my favorite healthy snacks ideas. I like mine with a little bit of sea salt and a little lemon juice drizzled on top. It’s nice because it’s not too filling, but still provides some healthy fats and fiber.

10) Homemade granola bars

Skip store-bought granola bars and make your own. Made with natural ingredients, these homemade granola bars taste better than processed ones and are packed with more nutrition. Plus, you can customize them with your favorite mix-ins.


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